Brothers Tony and Doug Chrisman founded Chrisman Development in 1989 with their father, Bob Chrisman, when they purchased their first properties which consisted of 12 single family homes and a 5 unit apartment building in Wallowa, Oregon. This was the continuation of a business started by their grandfather Cecil Chrisman in Wallowa, Oregon in 1936. By 1993, they had purchased an existing HUD Section 8 property and were approached by the state of Oregon and Community Connections, a local nonprofit group that provides services to low income, seniors, and disabled populations, about rehabilitating the office building where Tony and Doug ran their family’s insurance business. This led to additional projects with Community Connection of Northeast Oregon. As Chrisman Development’s reputation for building and rehabilitating efficient, quality properties grew, more opportunities came their way. Today they have built or rehabilitated a total of 48 separate projects (some of the properties were consolidated into single multi-location projects), representing 1,624 units across the State of Oregon.

Whether it be developing a new construction project or rehabilitating an existing property, Chrisman Development has built its reputation on its efficient and cost conscious development practices. Furthermore, Chrisman Development is also known for its strong financial strength and excellent working relationships with numerous financial institutions. As the shortage of quality affordable housing continues, Chrisman Development strives to identify additional affordable housing projects to help meet this demand.